Prince Sani Gee Speech Lyrics

I'm the Dark Lord

I'm a mafucker hah

But sometimes, like you know

I just say that shit sometimes just to feel

Like Just to feel good

But I don't mean it sometimes

But sometimes I do mean it

Even though like am a bad nigga

And I do act like, I do act weird sometimes huh

You know, I don't let that define me

Like you know, I always wanna just be individual

I just wanna stand odd, like

I just want to be different from everybody

And i don't think that's how life could, like you know

Capable of holding something down like that

So all you just gotta to do is face the consequences

Yeah just face the consequences of life

You know, even when you going through darkest part of your life, like just have hope. (Just have hope)

That's what we live for (That's what we live for)

That's what we will always live for

That's our purpose

So always see the light behind the Dark

Yeah, that's the reason why i got this album for y'all

I hope y'all enjoy the songs on it

And you know, One Love haah!!