Darse Mayne City Revival Lyrics, Paroles

City Revival

30 April 2020

Darse Mayne City Revival Lyrics



What was that

Say wah ?


(Verse 1)

Nino on the beat

Darse on the radio

Play the sh*t loud if you want

Just because i said so

Chain smoking peso

Tryna grow staple

Just Tryna stay stable

City lights going down

On the other side of town

On the other hand the crown

For the upper hand am back

I could barely see a frown

I can hardly say u didn't miss me

U know u did miss me

On d mail thru CC

Good guy bad city

Time flies Like i just put

A jet right Inside of my watch

Time fly like choppa lookin

For bodies inside the yatch

What is now then was

City boy no fuss

Gimme no excuses

It's Not what we discussed

Grew up i ain't screwed up

Last year kinda felt like

If i went there I'd blew up

VC with my New girl on

GC we stay boo'd up

Linked up with OT in the cut

Back in the school hall

Throwback that's TB

I even put the homie on TV SABC 3

TOT dem hit me Up

Man dem Sleeping On

Am the type they don't see coming

But still they see me come

Not the type to pull out quick

Unless it's a fucking gun

All my raps vital

All my culuture viral

Am a whole idol

City revival

Here to revive you

Like preachers in the bible

Let bye gones be bye gones

Go by where they did me wrong


It's whatever thou , Am back

Really am.

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