Jovi Big Bang

Big Bang

Artist : Jovi

Release at : 16 Sep 2019

Jovi Big Bang Lyrics

And to think that you people

You man, you there

Have been sleeping

Like it's already

We stepping on next

We breaking bags

We coming for you

Bird of the same geathers flock together

I guess they see a resemblance when they lookin at each other

My enemies team together

They wishing I'll be bothered

I keep acting like a man who's priorities are in order

If I aim at your group it will be like man slaughter

But I'll rather show you how to love each other

Tell them that they're brothers from different mothers

Tell them to stick together so they could be stronger

The flow is fluent and my releases is frequent

Feel like I gain more presence whenever I'm absent

237 is the set I represent

You was trapped in the moment

While I plan the future in the present

You talk alot or ish but none of it is making sense


Coz you don't have a side

Coz you be sitting on the fence

Whent it comes to this age I'm a reference

You only sell to those who don't know the difference

Never underestimate the god

The thing dey inside ma blood

Man di flow go reach abroad

If you ask me I'll say I've done a lot

You talk say you no know me?

Oh boy you just want for snub

Weight lifting ofcourse

I treat this shit like a sport

When I shoot bo na to kill

I don't expect a response

I could get very reckless with the verbal assault

Who call a Doc after a checkup

If he knows the results

I have your gold drop just to collect ma props

It's an L If they stroke without a dot at the top

Like a nagging wife I don't know when to stop

My 4th album was hot I'm unable to flop

Already ate the beef left you hommies with the bone

You're little hommie good he just need to watch the tone

All alone in the room but it feels like watch the throne

The track lace by me and I'm on the microphone