Yanyanyan Feat Mayorkun

Yanyanyan Feat Mayorkun

Naira Marley Yanyanyan Feat Mayorkun lyrics

Mayorkun baby ooo

Studio magic

I need this magic


Blowing on smoke like chimini

Them boy abandon the intenet

Turnup that turnup that

Turnup turn turn turn tur tur

Turn it up

Blowing on smoke like chimini

Them boy abandon the intenet

Turnup that shit I aint feelin it

I had your baby birl feeling me

Say she wanna be my queen

I put that bitch in my queen

Say she like my new versace jean

I spend cash on this versace jeam

I got pigeona malun

I got a trap with no front

Your bitch calling my phone

Tell that bitch leave me alone

If that niga gona go

She [?]

I get a [?] you're my loanly

I kick da dirty D dirty D

As adi go abi movin train

I no get no cooommma

See your girlfriend issa loose girl that why i don't trust her

Anything wey you do

Make you user your rubber

Baby am not a lover

Your face like yanyanyan

Your girls *** like yanyanyan

Right now am feelin kindof yanyanyan

Money call me childish like yanyanyan

Your chest like yanyanyan

Nira marley [?] yanyanyan

Mayorkun [?] yanyanyan

[?] yanyanyan

Awomo ghan wo ma Sarkodie

Awaleyo Sarkodie

Mofologode Chelo

Fakodje ooh

Shey lomo benyudje

Never blame it on the money

Blame it on the fame

It wasn't really funny

When they stole my chain

Got another one like yanyanyan

If you want carry this one yapapa

How can you trust a ho**

never ever ever  ever trust a ho**

Say she break your heart

Shomo kwamago moba furtunate

Kiloshow is agoo

At the same time neve ever trust a ho**