Good morning {Remix}

Good morning {Remix}

Featuring(s): Sarkodie ,
Stonebwoy Good morning {Remix} lyrics


Good Life it's all about, good life

Spanker 1gad


Can't take defeat


Look to the left, look to right

I'm thankful for my life

The struggles I've been through

But I keep winning every single fight

So me ago wave my hanky pon dem

Drop another one with spanky pon dem

Bare woman and booze we party pon dem

This is the story of my life


Good morning to the maker

You do me all this favor

Chilling in Jamaica

Stunting on my haters

Morning to the maker

Do me all this favor

Chilling in Jamaica

Stunting on my haters


Aha, no body yeah

Aha, gbuuza

Aha, aha

No body yeah

Aha, gbuuza

Aha, gbuuza


[Verse: Sarkodie]

As I wake up man I'm all about the paper

I ain't really give a heck about no hater

All I do is say a prayer to the maker

Give me all this morning make I copy the rolly ASAP

Fly all the family to Palm Beach

And I got my ten toes on the concrete

A n*gga got some raf simons on my damn feet

After all the faking and the hate you n*ggas can't eat

Chale may3 fly dread

3ba no sikas3m a 

Joe the way my eye red

E be we naa dey put the money up

We dey raise capital

You dey supervise bread

Chale there's levels so this sh*t

Only real friends no devils in this b*tch