Burna Boy Different Feat Angélique Kidjo, Damian Marley Lyrics, Paroles

Different Feat Angélique Kidjo, Damian Marley

26 Juillet 2019

Burna Boy Different Feat Angélique Kidjo, Damian Marley paroles

[Intro: Damian Marley]

Now greetings to the world

Voice of the one called Big Gong-Zilla alongside Burna Boy, ya know

Yes rude boy!

[Verse 1: Burna Boy]

Ya dun know we different

Different style we delivering

I don't have no equivalent

Different predicament

Every day a different problem

Different life from the government

Different politics, people with different qualities

Different tings dem happening

Different feeling, looking for a different healing

Read it with a different meaning

Different book

Come with the different look

Same spliff, different toke

Different election, sell a different false hope

Then they make us with the different [?]

It's a different time, different tings pon de mind

Different steps we a climb

While dem conive

Different egos collide

[Verse 2: Damian Marley]

Different [?]

I hear no difference still be similar

Every man bleed blood, that's a big similarity

Seven million show one cinema

What a world we live in

And through social media become the new encyclopedia

Exposing reality in a real time

Click a button, and watch a video

Then you might just find

Every man love dem family

That is another familiarity

To demonstrate the similarity

That doesn't mean another big difference up in a quality

Ya cut from the real original

Ya dun know we different

[Verse 3 : Burna Boy]

Different acts of belligerence

But differently intelligent

Different medicine, [?] chemical medicine

Different leaves and remedies

Different studying of my roots and origin

Tell my truth in melodies

It's the [?] to the different lifestyle

Different from what me find out

You know [?] use key and I got em a hide out

Fuck up the youth dem mind

Bringing a different force

To different gong we a boss

You know it ain't hard to find us

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