Teejay Up To Gaza

Up To Gaza

:   Teejay

:   VYBZ Kartel

:   01 Apr 2020

Teejay Up To Gaza paroles

[Intro: Vybz Kartel & Teejay]

St. James

Portmore, weh yuh seh?


Walk through di valley of di shadow of death




Spin dem like ah upcap

[Verse 1: Teejay & Vybz Kartel]

We nuh roll [?]

Doh fuck around ina di road, mi nuh Kerry

Three jump out a mi [?] mek you get it

Money inna mi pocket, a di pound not di penny

Yea, ye

Porsche blast off, anuh Chevy

Yuh gyal a [?] pon har belly & it heavy (Woi)

Mix up di Remy wid 'e Henny

God in it like monotheistic

Many Mona Lisas

See all di Trini, Yankee, Puerto Ricans

Crack di bone & [?]

Skill army dat

To Alliance, still a show allegiance

Gaza General, Adidja Azim

As him buss dem have him as a giant inna macrocosm

Waterford him train dem

Feel dem coulda leff him? [?], chain him

Know deh plan deh fail him

Still a run di place, no matter kinda struggle him a face

Him name WorlBoss, Vybz Kartel, di Pharaoh reign

[Chorus: Teejay]

A weh di fuck you feel seh?

Ghetto youth fi rich inna life

Like seh dem own one a dem money tree deh

Couple [?]

Me a tell you seh a money mi seh (Money, money)

Protect you likkle, likkle three points

Weh you get, you se fi nuffi geet weh

Mi seh you nuffi geet weh