Abstract Mindstate Salutations (Intro) lyric

Salutations (Intro)

Abstract Mindstate Abstract Mindstate
06 August 2021

Abstract Mindstate Salutations (Intro) Lyrics

[Intro: Jonquia Rose]
Winnin' in this thing called life
The vibe is alright
To answer if we think [?]
It's always on time
Now that we finally meet
I wanna share this with you
No such thing as pride, when it's love
This is [?]

[Verse 1: Olskool Ice-Gre]
Good things to all of y'all hearing this
Good dreams to all that fall asleep on this
I'm not at all appalled 'cause y'all receiving this
The energy level feel like Christmas
It's the magician and the magicianess
Hocus Pocus, there go your wish list
Raise your hand, pump your fist
The type of feedback show you committed
We know you waited a while to get the feeling back
We know you waited a while to get thе feeling back
We protected thе vibe, it's still intact
That Yeezy sound is like a welcome mat
So you could live well, welcome back
To you ladies and gentlemen, I tip my hat
I'm Olskool Ice-Gre, E.P. is Da Hellcat
Call it the strong hello, nothing more than that
DJ Self Born, spin it back

[Verse 2: E.P. Da Hellcat]
Greetings to y'all within ear shot
Grieving to fall but don't fear, nah
Did you feed the goats? Well it appears not
'Cause we out on the sun to make the year hot
Stay there, plane fly to make your ears pop
Don't smoke, stay high like souvenir shops
Mic murderers, minus the teardrops
He the good doc, I'm the teacher's lass
And how the [beats?] chop, it's cut by Mr. Glass
So you could raise your glasses, the wait is up
And the logo lasted, but our wait is up
Chance the cadence up, dumb it down a bit
We speak clarity, never mumble there, let's get the fire lit
A Jodie Foster hit, this ain't a freestyle
But it won't cost a nick, before the culture quit
We the culture shock and we the opposite
Of how to vultures rock, so receive us well
And we'll repeat the same
So you could sit a spare
While we complete the game
Yeah, you could sit a spare
While we complete the game

[Refrain: Jonquia Rose]
Let's wish [?]
Good day, let's push through
Hello, what's happenin'?
Hey, aloha, how you do?
Y'all all so special, this is our salute to you
Respect much love, regards

[Outro: Olskool Ice-Gre & E.P. Da Hellcat]
Greetings and salutations, what's good world?
We want to welcome you to this Mindstate experience, yeah
Yeah, uh, enjoy the trip, uh-huh, enjoy wide, yeah, uh-huh, let's go, uh


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