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Blac Youngsta Blac Youngsta
12 February 2022

Blac Youngsta Threat Lyrics

(I Got Hitman On The Beat)


[42 Dugg]


Me and my brother, he in that cat I’m in that demon

A b**** a piece with us, he going to Saks I’m going to Nieman’s

I might swerve, I might swerve, I might swerve

Now that’s all bad smackin’ b****** whackin' n***** doggy 

I’m on all that, if you ain’t f****n' every n**** with me b**** then fall back


[Blac Youngsta]


I won’t hesitate to sho** my opps because they caused that

Only reason yo’ n**** still alive because I paused that

They ain’t found out who k*lled my little brother because I solved that

We already solved that, put a p**** in the closet

B*llets fly somebody Mammy gon’ die cause we on all that


[42 Dugg]


Bro came in here looking for the w**d, I need that dog back

Every time my youngins sell a bean he buyin’ all straps

I grew up in all black i know how to get it going

Bro don’t need no pape to buy no drac, know I’ll


[Blac Youngsta]


Get it for him

If I wasn’t no f****n’ millionaire, then I’d steal it for him

K*ller season, that’s my brother, we cut throat we city born

They don’t know you in your city, you didn’t get your city goin’

Don’t be calling me ‘bout who got shot ‘cause I didn’t get it done

Told my n**** he ain’t gotta k*ll nobody ‘cause I’m gonna k*ll him for him


[42 Dugg]


I remember late nights, tryna get my pape right

And everybody turned on me

Bro died for 8 pints

3 pounds of fake ice

F*** rats we hate mice but, but still love

Cashin’ out and passin’ out

I pay for b*****s a**es now

Them t*tties right, you feel me right

You got the torch come pass it down, I’m taxing now

I used to want the six and that was after bar our sticks elite

I strip the b***h to tip her, send the pics to skeet 


[Blac Youngsta]


These b*****s freak 

Me and the gang gone take them b*****s phone before we go to sleep

B*****s pull up to my house with thongs on cause they know I’m freaky

Multi-millionaire I throw that B in the air like Cardi B

You know if you ain’t bother me ‘bout no money then you ain’t bothering me

You gon’ have to blame my Momma cause she the one who started me

I face shot my opps on spot I do not take no tolery

That mean I don’t tolerate no sucka s**t from no p**** n****

That mean I might sho** you in yo face cause you a p**** n****

Hot boy young n**** he so ready he been pistol toting all his life and he so deadly

It’s gone be a m*rder robbery if he get threatened

And my homeboys apart of me they like my weapons 


Gang gang, gang gang gang he so ready 

Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, hot boy 

He so ready its gone be a m*rder robbery if he get threatened 

Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, HA!


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