Burna Boy Love, Damini lyric

Love, Damini

Burna Boy Burna Boy
08 July 2022

Burna Boy Love, Damini Lyrics

[Verse: Burna Boy]
Everything be off the top these days
I ain't write shit since my early days
And inside these veins, my blood, my DNA
Burna Boy, but I'm Johnny Blaze
Ayy, yeah, there's things that I hardly say
"How you been, mama? How's your day?"
I should talk to my granddaddy more before it's too late
Listen more to things that Roni says
Should have been by Buki's side when her mother died
Should have talked to Sound Sultan more before he fuckin' died
I should show people more love while they still alive
I should always know thе way my people feel inside
A lot of timеs, I feel my life's in a blender
So, I tell it black-and-white like a panda
Yes, I agree I'ma start makin' changes, yeah
Tryna be a better man, I been tryin'
I got it all, but I still got my anger
Been workin' hard tryna get rid of my anger

[Interlude: Ladysmith Black Mambazo]

[Outro: Burna Boy]
Love, Damini


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