17 March 2023



Yeah, yeah, yeah, mmm



They say "If you ain't cheatin', you ain't tryin'"

The answer that I give you every time, you'd rather me lie

If that's what it take for a fake smile, I'd rather cry (I'd rather cry)

Put my pride to the side (To the side), and got me one out in Ta (Ta)

I tell the truth and I let you decide if you stayin' down

It's some sinners that come with mine (Mine)

Love me hard, 'till we die

Even after this chapter gone, you'll still be mine in the sky (In the sky)

If I go before you though, I hope you use me as a guide (Me as a guide)

Tribulations and trials (Tribulations, trials), foreign, half to a Lamb'

In these streets, I'm a giant (I'm a giant)

Why my peoples have to be slimes? Why my mama had to die?

Ain't get a chance to look at youngins grandson in his eye

Why rarely me behind? You the only reason I tried (Only reason I tried)

Why Quan let niggas wreckage? Knew rats, soon as he found (Soon as he bought it, nigga)

Lil' Dead took a shot to his head tryna get high (Fuck)

With the seat back too far, it was only one bullet, far

All it took to make us cry, all us shooters need a new drive

Ain't no way they gon' survive, way before Kada and deep slimes

Thank whoever who outside, no innocence in my eyes

On God, don't be too hard with your judgement (With your judgement)

Then again, in this position, how can you judge us? (How can you judge a nigga?)

For wakin' up with grudges, killin' for our loved ones (Killin' for my bro)

East side Taliban, Riata Drive the Tubman

Nobody never loved us, hugged us, or gave us nothin'

[?] rusty, get up close, then slump him (Get up close)

They don't mess with my conscience (Nah), fuck him, he had it comin' (Fuck him, man)

Somethin' out of nothin', hundred, you dice his onions

The king of the jungle, island, ain't nothin' above it

Made men are monsters, don't go against each other

Wish you took it serious when I told you "I love you"

Must've thought I was funny, like my issues ain't mean nothin'

Instead of uppin' your thumper in memory of your brother (Memory of your bro)

You'd rather call an ass with a budget, like it ain't personal

Like I ain't see you cry at his funeral, it wasn't hurtin' you

Like when life gave you tough pills to swallow, that we wasn't birthin' you

When I done been and not sure, whoever outside at the curfew

Tell my mama, I'ma be late to Heaven, 'cause of what I done turned to (Mama)

Hurdle after hurdle (Hurdle), murder after murder (Murder)

I be tryin' guard my sister from afar, nobody heard her (Nobody)

Called Kada phone, said that I needed her, it was urgent

She let her boyfriend run off with a quarter-pound of purple

And I was just like twenty, tryna stack up my first thirty

But I forgive you, I don't blame you, you know I'm con game, for certain

And they know that we the worst ones, backdoors and closed curtains

And I wish I knew back then what them decisions would determine

I don't think I chased nothin', except some deaths that was occurin'

And my heart been hurtin', and them Perkies wasn't workin'

My son won't do nothin' I did, let alone worser (Let alone worser)

Don't be a worker, burglar, or a murderer (Or a murderer)

Without encouragement, I still came out the thorough list

Jammed in my hand, the last time, we met in person

Red in my head, sayin' every man have a purpose

Soon as you done searchin', I'ma be in the dark, lurkin'

See an eye and search him, nigga, tote yeekies in churches

Soon as we load these thirties, y'all gon' load niggas in hearses

And Dugg don't get 'em furbished, if you change the shape to Hershey's

But fuck it if it's workin', no returns on none these purchases

Drench him, he was thirsty, make Lord have mercy

Why the boy prayin', even after they buried me?



Was I wrong to pray that niggas died in they surgery? (Was I wrong?)

Was I wrong to cut him off before I let him murder me? (Was I wrong?)

Am I wrong for lettin' it still worry me, currently? (Was I wrong?)

Am I wrong for tryna get 'em all 'fore they bury me?

Was I wrong to pray that niggas died in they surgery?

Was I wrong to cut him off before I let him murder me?

Am I wrong for lettin' it still worry me, currently?

Am I wrong for tryna get 'em all 'fore they bury me?


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