Guchi DOP (Defination Of Police) lyric

DOP (Defination Of Police)

Guchi Guchi
20 October 2021

Guchi DOP (Defination Of Police) Lyrics

I'm not a criminal, na na na na
I'm not a criminal, I'm just a citizen
I'm not a criminal

Oh e dey pain me
Somebody hold me
Na wetin my eye never see
You go dey for your own nation
Facing just frustration
Na weting this country dey see
Police, if dem catch you
Dem go start to search you
When you try to ask dem why
Dem go slap you
And if you start to talk dem go bruise you
And if you want to run dem go shoot you
Somebody define the police
Dem go give you some kind of brutality police
Dem no need your explanation police
Until dem go carry reach station, police
Somebody define the police


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