Iayze Famous 2 lyric

Famous 2

Iayze Iayze
07 March 2023

Iayze Famous 2 Lyrics


(Woo, woo)

(Woo, woo)

If it's 'bout money I'm fluent

I just been worried 'bout my kids, I just been cooling

No I ain't ever trying to make ammends, that's what they wanted from me

She wanna tie together loose ends, girl get the fuck from me (Me)

If I didn't do it then you did

Codeine crazy, top kid Hendrix, huh

My shooter he a [?]

That [?] will fix it

Can't remember what her name is, couldn't even remember I was famous



Gettin' money in a foreign, top kid important

Top kid in the forest, top kid on Forbes list

We gettin' money of course

We used to clean up a alot like chores, bitch

How in the fuck did you leave, baby?

That ain't doin' nothing for us

Top kid seen the courts baby

Only in tree floors

I'm getting money on me boy

I feel like I'm NBA now, I'm scorin'

In a DeLorean, she wanna fuck in a foreign



I'm still smokin' on dope

Don't run off when I'm supposed to

That be the shit that I'm on

Come here nigga, I'll coach you

Coach we gotta getcha goin'

Babygirl do I know you?

He be cappin' on bro too

You don't love me I'm so loose

Get off the lean, no gray goose

Niggas be hating, it's cool, nigga it's cool

Bitches be hating, it's cool, bitch it's cool

Bitches be hating, it's true, yeah it's true

Bitches be hating, it's true, yeah it's true

Yeah it's true