Iayze Get Use 2 the Taste lyric

Get Use 2 the Taste

Iayze Iayze
07 March 2023

Iayze Get Use 2 the Taste Lyrics


(Bitch I got racks)


[Verse 1]

Xan's ain't hard to get used to bae you just gotta get used to the taste

He smoke out a gram that's poopoo, damn lil nigga can't even get an eighth

Lil nigga who you?

I gotta do you if you not coming around with the gang

I think it's voodoo when she be all on my noodle, she say she don't wanna lose me

Her new nigga says he cool but I'm cooler

Mike Amiri but I mix it with Gucci

Bloodshed gang, they be coming looking for chains to take from you

Better duck your brain ain't safe for you

Look at the AMG 'cedes on me baby

Go top speed, baby

That's a high speed, baby

One of them high

Take 12 on a high speed, I'ma just call it a ride

Baby trust me it's a ride

I keep a Glock on my side

She wanna fuck all night

Baby that's alright


[Verse 2]

Fuck all that other shit, lets go to Malibu

Tryna break all the weed down it's not malleable

I could put all of you niggas together, you lil niggas still ain't valuable

I'm finna go for a coupe I might go for a Porsche if I wanna get radical

Big bank take lil bank, I ain't battling you

50 on Glocky, I'm clapping at you

Fuck that shit let's go big

I got this money on my head

I'm finna boot up off a Xan'

100k that's on my head

I guess that's the plan

She wanna give me head

I guess that's the plan

I'm tryna get him dead

I guess that's the plan

I guess that's the plan

I guess that's the plan


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