Ice Prince Disco lyric


Ice Prince Ice Prince
23 February 2023

Ice Prince Disco Lyrics


[Mstruff - Verse 1]

Oh my superghetti… my love is up to date 

Oh baby tell me if you ready for me 

Oh baby tell me if you ready for me 

My love for you is fire… my love is fire… 

She like my disco yes… and we no go disconnect… uhmmmn she like my disco yes( she like my disco yh ) 

and we no go disconnect ehnnnnnynn oouuu yh yh 



[ICE - Verse 2]

I’m too blessed… never had a low complex

Flows on check put the coast to unrest 

Got no sweat.. still colder than Soviet and I know that so I lay back and blow jets 

Ma ex hit me up say you don’t even look for me

I told her baby I’ve been on to the next 

And I have never ever been a mathematician 

So Y the hell am I suppose to find X 

I let bygones be bygones the past in the past 

You drove me crazy and I never took a passenger class… i just burn it up and sometimes I ash in the glass, took a sip and I forgot that’s how you got me so badddd 

I can’t trust you for shit !! But still I keep coming back to drop you a kiss, I’ve fallen in your pit and it’s deeper than the abyss… my love for you is fire like peace to the Middle East girl I Gatchu 


[Chorus - Mstruff]

She like my disco yes and we no go disconnect 

She like my disco yes and we no go disconnect 



Uhnn baby come close, lemme talk straight to your ear… give you loving that’s fair that nobody can compare… I’m so rare, and my fucking is top tier.. so when we get connected nobody can unpair… baby you the best I know ( I know ) never gon treat like nobody 

Fly to the west side ( west side ) girl you got that special love I need


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