Kendrick Lamar The Therapy Session #9 lyric

The Therapy Session #9

Kendrick Lamar Kendrick Lamar
13 May 2022

Kendrick Lamar The Therapy Session #9 Lyrics

What is a bitch in a miniskirt?
A man in his feelings with bitter nerve
What is a woman that really hurt?
A demon you're better off killing her
What is a relative making repetitive narratives on how you did it first?
That is a predator hit reverse
All of your presidents evil thirst
What is a neighborhood rectable?
That is a snitch on a pedestal
What is a house with a better view?
A family broken invariables
What is a rapper with jewelry?
A way that I show my maturity
What if I call on security that mean I'm calling on god for purity
I went and got me a therapist I can debate on my theories and sharing it (Woah)
Consolidate all my comparisons humble enough because time is imperative (Woah)
Starting to feel like there's only one answer to everything I don't know where it is (Woah)
Popping a bottle of Claritin (Woah)
Is it my hate or my arrogance? (Woah)
Shaking and moving like what am I doing I'm flipping my time through the rolodex
Indulging myself and my life and my music the world that I'm in is a cul-de-sac
The world that we in is just menacing
The demons portrayed as religion is
I wake in the morning another appointment I hope the psychologist listening


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