KO-C #Wo Cover Lyrics, Paroles

#Wo Cover

18 March 2019

KO-C #Wo Cover Lyrics

Gimme the mic you
Yo seee
Some pipo telling me say make i drop bars tho
Because they like to see the way am twisting so
Generaly some rappers them realy got sick flows
I go give them medication cos they too slows
That ya small foot dem no go fit my shoe size foe
No di bite meat  way you no fit chew bro
I no dey here for impress I wanna make some doh
I di shit for toilet but still di shit for poh
No be by age way you go respect
Some pipo telling me say I di copy
At the same time tell me what you expect
When the very people wanna be like KO-C
And if you respect talent you go live long
We no be mate cause everybody fit write song
And I no care if you be Baboon ou Kingkong
Anybody fit be king Kong  for he kindom
Wuna di compare
Samsung or Nokia
There's no match in the game I swear
They be Nathalie am Coco Emilia
Gimme the mic yo
Respect to my fans thank you

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