Koffee Defend lyric


Koffee Koffee
25 March 2022

Koffee Defend Lyrics

Youths ah troop 'round and run fi dem safety
Look like gunshot ah run the streets dem lately
Crime ah frustrate we, 'longside who create it
Emergency stately, we can't escape it
Inflation crazy, for the old lady
Mm, the poor baby
No if or maybe
Turn my scheme inna crime scene, yellow tape it
Koffee nuh haffi be the government favorite

Me have enough pon me plate
Nah exaggerate, nah try animate
What me do, talk it straight
Kendrick consolidate
All dem police here want do ah chuck off yuh face
Run the race, hold the pace
Big bro' hold the faith
Jesus give me the pillow, beg you hold the case
Me ah plead, youths ah bleed
From them heart and them face
And I swear all them tears will not go to waste, uh

Koffee defend them case, uh
Must be replaced to


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