Koffee Where I'm From lyric

Where I'm From

Koffee Koffee
25 March 2022

Koffee Where I'm From Lyrics

Where I'm from, yeah, our ting cya play down, chuh, yeah
Gwaan Spain Town, tell dem a big dog playground
We nuh too grin and we nuh inna playpen, no, yeah
We nuh borrow, pay down
De La Vega nuh play but we beat pon drum
Right now we a lift up every street from ground, yeah
Me nuh too soft, me nuh Play-Doh
Have a few dawgs wa nuh play neither, oh yeah
Cya come bout ya
Wid yuh screw face and yuh gun powder, chuh
We nuh too care wa yuh think bout dat, no way
Coulda Darth Vader, yeah
Tell dem say Koffee a the Archangel, yeah
When yuh look round, man a call Savior
And dem cya pay cell, chah
Talk fi yuh self, uuhhh
Uhh yeah yeah

Where I'm from

When we a step, we nuh ordinary
Air Force white 'cause a God in a we
Mommy proud of me, me proud of Mommy
She say "Koffee, jus go fi di Grammy"
Blessings a fall all over mi body
Mek dem gwaan talk, dem nuh badder than we, yeah
Pon di live stream, clean to we hygiene, yeah
Skin melanin we nuh three buy cream, okay now
Yeah, ayy
A who dem try test we, yeah
Chronixx and Govi and Presley, yeah
Yeah, we flow shocking and tasing, mmm
Tell dem where we come from blazing, yeah
Slew dem
God bless we, yeah
Mommy and Stitchie and Jezze, yeah
Hot brew Koffee a nuh Nestlé, okay now yeah, oh yeah yeah

Where I'm from
Where I'm

Pull off in a new white Rover, yeah
You know seh we fresh, no odor, yeah
Clean to we step, no chowder, yeah
You know seh we fresh, no powder, huh
Well a weh we come from Spain
Tell dem no dirt nuh deh pon my name, yeah
I cannot complain, huh
Coming from the ground, grain, yeah
Love inna we wa, vein, choh
Star pon mi wa, chain, hmm
Yeah, we full a fyah, propane
When you hear di song, pull it up, mmm, flame
We nuh lame and we doh mundane
And dey know we nuh do di constraint, no, yeah
Big up Spain Town, gang
Dey know seh we cya contain
Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah oh
Yeah, we ball but we coming from the ghetto
And me cya go forget where me came from
And me stay a thank God fi the day doh
Mommy know say me bad from the cradle
She say "Child, Mommy know say yuh able"
Buy a Benz and one for my neighbor
Pull off and flex pon dem
We laugh, nah stress pon dem
Koffee deh ya wid the new anthem now, yeah
Hol' on now, me check something
They know from whence I came, yeah
We na play no game, hmm
We na cage up tame, hmm
We na trade off shame, ooh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah oh


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