Mesa Run It Up lyric

Run It Up

Mesa Mesa
05 May 2022

Mesa Run It Up Lyrics

Run it up here we go again

Hustle till that money keep on coming in

Yea it’s up we gon play to win

Hustled now that money keep on coming in

Swerve on em in the fast lane plenty nights you know I had to hustle hard til the cash came from the bottom up like elevator I let money the talk & conversate with haters my shawty she a woman she ain’t with the gimics pedi and mani no she don’t need acrylic I’m poppin out in Amsterdam in my mind lies the blue print of a master plan

They rather see me losing that’s why I be grinning plaques up on my wall I rather see me winning washing down the lobster with some ace of spade just to hear me speak they know they gta paid yea it’s up and stuck got steppin on it labels see me moving so I’m checking on it respectfully don’t want you Niggas next to me like Itzbizkit said unless you got a check for me


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