Odunsi (The Engine) Wicked Sexy Lyrics


(She say don't hurt me please, I'm on my knees )

Friendly (Sexy) shawty too friendly (Sexy)

Shawty don't text me

Shawty too friendly


Wicked! Sexy! (Yah!)

Wicked! Sexy! (Yah!)

Wicked! Sexy! (Yah!)

Wicked! Sexy! (Yah!)

Wicked! Sexy! (Yah!)

[Verse 1: Maison2500]

I put models in a coupe. (Coupe)

Type a shit, you see them tiddies out the roof (Roof)

Type of shit, we kick back by pool (Pool)

Shawty take it off, tryna' play it smooth (Smooth)

Shawty I'm wicked, like Vicky (Huh!)

Shawty I'm sexy, kinda like Brittney (Huh!)

Shawty don't text me, even when you miss me

Groupies on my line now they wanna get freaky


Molly, we could try this (Yeah!)

Fucking up my mind, feeling psychic (Suh!)

You could sleep with the pythons (You could sleep)

Baby you could bite us (Huh)


Wicked, sexy (Yah!)

Shawty I'm wicked, sexy (Yah!)

Shawty I'm wicked, don't stress me (Yah!)

Shawty I'm wicked, sexy, ah! (Sexy)

[Verse 2: Odunsi(The Engine)]

Shawty wanna fuck me, wanna fuck Santi (Sexy)

Wanna fuck Gena, wanna fuck Ashley

Tell her, tatt my name on her ass cheeks

I ain't playing games better ask (Hold up)

I ain't playing games, I've been playing too long (Hold up)

N***** worried bout me

N***** worried about the wrong things (Ok)

Worry about your girl, do you know what she up to? (Hey)

She let me do anything, everything you don't do (Hey)

I Just came around new money so I glow (Hey)

I just want to see all the asses on the floor (Hey)

Like pronto

Shawty i'm spicy, kinda like Tonto

Better talk nice to me, I don't want stress

Need a shawty that could die for me, I don't want less



Wicked! Sexy! (Yah!)

Wicked! Sexy! (Yah!)

Wicked! Sexy! (Yah!)

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