Rod Wave No Deal lyric

No Deal

Rod Wave Rod Wave
18 August 2022

Rod Wave No Deal Lyrics

That wasn't funny
But she laughed so hard, she almost cried
They're countin' months they've been together
Almost forty-nine (Yo, Sam, this shit heat)
He's making fun of how she acted 'round the holidays (Damn, Dawson)

She wears a ring, but they tell people that they're not engaged
They met in class for metaphysical philosophy
He tells his friends, "I like her 'cause she's so much smarter than me"
They're having talks about their futures until 4 AM
And I'm happy for them
But I wanna feel all that love and emotion
Be that attached to the person I'm holdin'
Someday I'll be falling without caution
But for now, I'm only people watchin'
People watchin'
Yeah, uh

Thinkin' about my life and how far a nigga came
Thinkin' about my life and mistakes a nigga made
Steady duckin' the reaper, everybody got a day (grrah)
Hopefully I'll be ready for it (yeah, yeah)
Uh, I told 'em my dreams, they ain't believe this
I can't lie, even I couldn't of seen this
I just was on the bus stop getting high out of my brain
Headphones in, listen to Kevin Gates say
"Shooting star, shooting star"
Rapper with a pistol, that made me a shooting star
Now we all across the globe, three hundred thousand dollar shows
Was I 'posed to get this far?
This shit so crazy how these hoes tryna plot on me (tryna plot on me)

These niggas hatin', want my spot, sendin' shots at me
Know I fuck with Sosa, Ghetto, Spec and Tee
Oh, you must ain't know the boy gon' park the car, jump out on feet
Won't you pay a nigga back for saving ya life
I don't know yet but I'ma make it right
I'm tryna ball, these niggas tryna take my life
I tell you what'll make a gangster change his life
Go to sleep with millions in his bank
And hake up in the morning, see his daughter face
Just was broke as a joke, when we was down we was fine
Start achievin' his dreams now his life on the line
Tell the label, "No deal, " I need twenty every time
I ain't comin' to Europe if I can't bring my .45
Tell the label, "No deal, " I need twenty every time
I ain't comin' to Paris if I can't bring my .45 (oh, whoa)

Tell the label, "No deal"
I'm fine, I can't come on road a lot if I can't bring fire
You know, need fire for these fuck niggas
I need my fire for these fuck niggas (yeah)
I need my fire for these fuck niggas (I seen that)
I seen that, I need my fire for these fuck niggas (grrah)
No deal (baow, baow, baow, baow)
No, no deal


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