Sarkodie Brown Paper Bag Lyrics, Paroles

Brown Paper Bag

18 June 2020

Sarkodie Brown Paper Bag Lyrics

(Yɛ dwen sɛ)

We be original don dada

But everything that we do has been done dada

Oil, gold, cocoa, minerals proper

In the land of so much how is there hunger (How?)

To fix this mess that be the hangup

Like a label in Tema build it from groundup

Fist up, middle finger to all the kick backs

Leaders just want chop dem for sit back

Skin black, but is your mind too?

Efie ne fie must i remind you?

All the blood and toil that is behind you

How did we get here? Let me share

February 24th in ‘66

Nkrumah was overthrown by these pricks and dicks

It makes me sick we’ve been brainwashed and shit

All sorts of imports even the toothpicks

Money come money go, we don’t make kotow

So when we spend to the west our money dey go

We pray for rapture

Instead of focusing on manufacture

Religion is a prison and we dying to be living

And we losing our minds as we thinking of winning

And we bound to the chains of foreign exchange

It’s a damn shame

Ɛtodabia ɛyɛ ɛtodabia ɛnyɛ

Bibifoɔ diɛ adufudiɛ na yɛ pɛ

Aboa bi aka me ebia kakapɛ

Since yall like beef let me tell you who we’re beefing

(Mek I mek my beef list)

We beefing with Trump and his likes

We beefing with vanity, doing it for likes

Beefing with indiscipline for posterity

Beefing with leaders no integrity

Beefing with plastic, ban it be drastic

Afi wie diɛ pae mu ka, that’s a classic

We for realize debi debi diɛ we past it

Self-actualize don’t be thinking jurassic

Malcolm X when i express

By any means yes

Many mountains to climb i guess

So how can we ever rest?

I must say if Ghana should be beyond aid

Then solutions no fit be band aid

I don’t care if the west is against us

Forget dem, focus and fix us

Nkabom that’s the people power

The struggle is sweet mixed with sour

Greatness is us, hashtag

Don’t sell out for a brown paper bag uh 

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