Sarkodie Quick One lyric

Quick One

Sarkodie Sarkodie
14 November 2020

Sarkodie Quick One Lyrics

Niggas wanna test my pride, buh y'all already know gonna fukin beast

Still aa them my size way up un the north come down to the east

Meh3ase aky3 2020 bad man disturbing the peace

Nigga ain't really with the extra shit only wanna fuk with gees

Me y3 one man thousand s3 mo knock me dow a ago come back hard

Twa ntoro to me so denti me branding just cos the boy live large

Me slowdown ma mo y3 mo guy guy nne3ma no charle this year with charge

This one self no bi main action for play we dey do massage yeah

Drip on the daily we fot to keep it waving

wo hia verse a men gyina phone so nky3 nigga just pay me

75-80, 3nd3 won beya verse no crasy

Hw3 saa sika no 3ny3 main icome nti me tae de to bag ma tracy

My style no na boys no a borst 3n3 omo y3 she she claim I big boy no

S3 Eba no hitz songs ah mon pa me ky3 cos Ago fi dro

Me p3 koraa we go fo bed, y3b3 gyae nnwom kyer3 buh we still control

We we no dey do just rap music we dey flow make it, tough your soul

Wo rap no ay3, weak bo no keratin

anaa koto foss w) beijing

Nea ose ma gyia ma aky3 enti w)te ase3 no mo ma no enom kersosen

Wo m se obede b3ka polotics 3no dea by now wagye pay ah well anyhow anyway is still a happy day

When i was a young boy na me ta ka se I wanna be rich and famous

Now that I got a lil money fuck that this fame can kiss my anus

Wetin wo na gon show me fore here I'm a man of this earth me P3 plat w) venus

Ghana na mon ba nipa nonka me te California nanaka me hype y3 same as Drake

Out here manna deals with fakes


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