TRIBL Names [He Shall Reign]  lyric

Names [He Shall Reign]

06 May 2022

TRIBL Names [He Shall Reign] Lyrics

Where would I be
If it wasn’t for Jesus
It it wasn’t for His love
If it wasn’t for Jesus

Where would we be
If it wasn’t for Jesus
If it wasn’t for Jesus
If it wasn’t for Jesus

I’m a living miracle
I’m a living miracle

Verse 1
You are the medicine
The only cure for everything I feel within
Redeeming what was lost and all that could have been
Oh this is a healing kind of love

Verse 2
You are the truest friend
Staying through the night when I was at my end
Comforting my heart till it was light again
Oh this is a faithful kind of love

Everlasting Father
Prince of Peace
Emmanuel, God with us
You’re here with me
Wonderful Counselor
The government is resting on Your shoulders

Verse 3
You are the final word
You alone decide when every page will turn
So I will trust Your timing, I will rest secure
Oh this is a steady kind of love

Your names say it all
They say it all
I stand in awe of You


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