Tzy panchak Stranger Freestyle lyric

Stranger Freestyle

Tzy panchak Tzy panchak
25 May 2021

Tzy panchak Stranger Freestyle Lyrics

Na u know when I take first breathe
Na you know when E go be my last
Na you give money for Rich man
Na you give Garri for poor man

This world way we live e like scam
Cos all I have is not my own
This life is not guaranteed oh oh
Nobody knows tomorrow

Thank for everything
Me I can't complain
Thank you for the smiles of yesterday
As grow old too fast all we have is memories 2x
This world is not my own own I'm just a stranger 2x
And if I'm a stranger then where is my home

Dear God
Can you hear me
Do you have a minute
Was hoping to ask you

Where is heaven
Can I come now ?
Or have to wait for a while
Is it okay to ask you ?
So are we living to die
Or are we dying to live
See my mami  for corner still di grief
How do I make I believe
That there's a better future
When she thinks it's over
When she thinks she's done
Send me a prophet please
I need some motivation
Or maybe entertainment
Cos U know how it goes

Truth be told
I don good and evil
So what is my faith
Please let me know
I pray for benediction for my people
And if I don't make it
Then It is what is


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