Yo Gotti Cold Gangsta lyric

Cold Gangsta

Yo Gotti Yo Gotti
04 February 2022

Yo Gotti Cold Gangsta Lyrics

[Intro: Yo Gotti]

(June, you're a genius)

Do What We Want Entertainment

And Can't Be Fucked With Incorporated

Smack a Nigga Ass LLC

[Verse 1: Yo Gotti]

I'm on some cold gangster shit, I might get blocked out the industry (I am)

Ain't wifin' no hoes, no couple goals (Can't do it), and still don't feel my enemies (I am)

Ain't squashin' no beef, I'm fryin' it (Hibachi)

If it's 'bout the money, I'm tryin' it (I'm tryin', I am)

The price went high, it's thirty a brick (What 'evs)

Water been tight, flyin' in (Whoosh)

Let's say goodbye to the ghetto (Hello, hello) and welcome to wealth, 90210 (Real bitch)

Behind the gates, Mulholland Estates, I might turn this bitch to the trap though (Let's get it)

Ayy, there go the neighborhood, neighbors been bitching 'cause they heard the Lamb' in the driveway

At one in the morning, disturbing the peace, it sound like a plane when I drive 'way

Might park the Rolls on the lawn (Lawn)

Fuck it, ain't got no alarm (For what?)

New Richard Mille on my arm (Factory)

I'm a king, you a pawn (Nigga)

I'm a legend, 2Pac, Biggie, Big Pun, Wu, Raekwon (I am)

New M's to the city, in Detroit more than Big Sean (Facts)

I'm on some cold gangster shit, I got a lil' bitch on the westside

Couple lil' hitters from South Memphis and another lil' hitter from the eastside

I can adapt to the pain (Pain), I understand the poverty (Poor)

Why would I let a record label fuck over us when I did the robberies? (Never gon' happen)

They told me watch what I say in these raps (Why?) 'fore they fuck around, sentence me

And you better watch what you say out your mouth (Shh) whenever you mention me (Pew, pew)

You not relatable

I'm a street nigga and that's not debatable

Tryna buy loyalty, that's not available

I got a hundred 'round dick on this AR and I hold it stable-ble


[Verse 2: 42 Dugg]

All my bitches bad, tens, bitch on me, so what? (Fuck on)

Ho gave he head in the Benz (Yeah), bitch wanna fuck in this truck (Helluva made this beat baby)

Yeah, and I fuck her friends, shit, long as she down, I'm up

Bitch, don't ask my name, I'm doggy

Get the head twice, don't call me

Heard she got fire, I'm stalking

Beat her ass down in the office

Make her hit the highway with beans

Lean, weed, drank

Bitch run off, get painted

Ex was a ho, we ain't

Turn blood, nigga, yeah, bitch, he can't

Gotta pay me to park, no shit, I'm famous

Nigga like smoke, not me, I'm rainin'

Put in the air

Make her keep goin', then put in her hair

Link one twenty, lil' ho, these carats

Bros over hoes, ayy, bitch, we sharin'

Three-eight for the water, what they want for the 'Claren

I just bought the truck, I'm sayin' (Skrrt, no cap)

Heard you wanna fuck, take chances (Come on)

If I hit her friend, I'm playin'

Yeah, two hundred in chains, I'm dancin' (Bitch)

Fuck a nigga ho, she friendly (Ho, rat)

Own five cars, not rented (None of 'em)

None of these bitches came tinted (None of 'em)

Ask around, who run the city? (Me)

(You know who run the city)


[Verse 3: EST Gee]

I was just runnin' in the streets

Me and my brother, we both had an onion a piece (Both had an ounce)

Starin', I'm clutchin' my yeek (Hold up, flexin' on that bitch)

Look two more seconds, get deadly when fuckin' with me (FOREVEROLLING)

Turned all my brothers to beasts

Whether they want it or not, I'ma cut 'em a piece

I keep my gun when I'm sleep

Double the number, a hundred ain't nothin', two hundred, you done in a week

Who wanna run into me?

They really runnin' from beef

Scared to go get somethin' to eat

Can't even order in peace

Once it was war with no peace

Remember it vividly, we hit up four in a week

Who bought more order than me?

Gave you a purpose and might stick around, help you work it

I never said I was perfect, but flawless

As soon as you changed up and falling like the leaves at the end of the August

I hit it twice and he bought it

Opened her mouth and she caught it

Walkin' this shit like I talk it

Smoke with me, niggas be coughin'

Face 'em, we put 'em in coffins

First murder with a revolver

And I did it on my lonely

Big Gee, the one and only


[Outro: EST Gee]

Big Gee, the one and only

You know what I'm saying?

I ain't got no skeleton in my closet, nigga

Real street nigga, no flaw, flawless

You know what I'm saying?

You niggas just cowards

And we stood on this shit

Still standing on this shit

Niggas still getting hit

Play if you want, fool, you'll see the snake pit

Get your face hit

Bitch nigga


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